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Canada, it's time to

#WashSmarter is an environmental campaign launched by Thông Quách with 5 Gyres to prevent washing machine pollution in Canada's vast ecosystems.

Canada's ecosystems are being polluted by our washing machines.

Microfibers are tiny threads (<5 mm) shed from our clothing.

Clothing can be made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, and linen or synthetic materials such as polyester, spandex, and nylon. Synthetic materials are different types of plastic made from the burning of fossil fuels, so they don't decompose. However, they can be notorious polluters when released into our environment. 60% of clothing is still made from synthetic materials.

Up to 18 million microfibers are released each cycle in a washer.

Microfiber pollution has been found everywhere, from our agricultural crops to bodies of water such as rivers and oceans, and even in many animals and wildlife. Scientists have even found synthetic microfibers in the tissue and bloodstream of the human heart. Depending on infrastructure capabilities, wastewater treatment plants can't capture all microfibers due to their microscopic size.

Up to 89% of microfibers are captured in filters installed in washers.

The goal of the #WashSmarter Canada campaign is to push policymakers in Canada to mandate microfiber filters in all new washing machines to prevent the pollution of synthetic microfibers in our environment and educate young Canadians regarding the impacts of plastic microfiber pollution in our natural ecosystems through numerous different methods of communication.

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