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#Petition2024 by The #WashSmarter Canada Campaign

#Petition2024 is the largest initiative led by youth in Canada to push policymakers for legislation requiring washer filtration.


Member of Parliament Laurel Collins from Victoria, BC, has agreed to present #Petition2024 in the House of Commons once a representative from #WashSmarter Canada releases the final campaigning and signee collection date for #Petition2024.


#WashSmarter Canada's #Petition2024 is a paper petition campaign built around compliance with the House of Commons procedures. Digital signatures will not be accepted for this purpose. Therefore, please print out the following files.


Please read the following instructions and disclaimers before petitioning:

  • Obey all laws and regulations when petitioning.

  • Ensure all signees use a permanent, non-erasable black writing method (such as a black pen or permanent marker).

  • All petition sheets must have all required information filled out so all signees can count on that page.

  • Go to to enter information before mailing your #Petition2024 materials to MP Laurel Collins.

  • Ensure you have or purchase an appropriately sized Canada Post-approved and eligible envelope for mailing. Ensure you provide a return address on the envelope.

  • Remember that #WashSmarter does not reimburse its campaigners for any activities incurred during campaigning, such as mailing materials.

  • #WashSmarter, its campaign lead, and all representatives do not accept any liability for the actions of its campaigners.

  • Litigation against a campaigner from #WashSmarter Canada should be filed against specifically and only the respective campaigner.

  • For MP Collins's federal staff to track #Petition2024 materials more easily, #WashSmarter Canada recommends collecting at least 30 signatures before mailing.

  • Use Canada Post's Government Mail Free of Postage services to send #Petition2024 to MP Laurel Collins's office in Ottawa.

  • Mail all #Petition2024 materials to the following address:

MP Laurel Collins

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6

Does your educational institution require volunteer hours?: All #WashSmarter representatives can authorize Certifications of Volunteer Hours for volunteers enrolled in The #ChangeMakers Initiative while petitioning. Every 15 signatures collected and validated by MP Laurel Collins's staff may count as one hour of volunteering time. Some institutions may not accept volunteer hours from #WashSmarter. Check with your institution's volunteering requirements before petitioning solely for volunteer hours.

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